Timing solenoid replacement

I thought i would put this guide together for people thinking about doing this.
First symptoms of solenoid failure is “Tractor Syndrome” experience, were the car becomes very noisy and a tappety noise from the engine can be heard. When the diagnostic equipment is applied, the fault codes p1222 or p0216 can be observed.

So start like this:

This is the item in question that needs to be changed:

Started to strip the car down, first was the radiator, fan assembly and inter cooler pipes.

Now you may get away with leaving the radiator in, but i decided to give myself some room, and for pictures as well.

Then intake manifold, injector pipes, and disconnect the glow plug wire. Disconnect the fuel pump and lift needle sensor connection. Disconnect water pipe that runs along the front of the block, and fold it down under the wiring loom.

Now we have full access to the pump. As you can see from the picture of the solenoid above, there is a plate and mount blocking access to the solenoid itself, so these need to be removed. You can see in the picture below, the black mount and goldish mounting plate.

There are 3 allen sized bolts and 1 torx bolt holding the pump to the goldish plate. Then 2 main bolts at the bottom, which are nut (14mm) and bolted (10mm). Then remove the black mount which are just 4 10mm bolts, this will then let both parts be removed.

So this then gives access to the solenoid. It is held in by 2 torx screws. Remove the solenoid which will probably need prising out. Remember to remove the old rubber washer that should be on the very end of the metal plunger.

Cut the 2 wires, trying to remember which one is connected to which (Im not sure if polarity is important but i’d air of the side of caution). Next i attached the new solenoid. Now there is 2 connectors that come with the kit, but i decided to solder mine, and then apply heat-sink. Also remember the heat resistant cover should go on as well to protect the cables.

So new solenoid connected, it can then be placed back into the pump.

So put it all back together. Refill the water system, connected everything back up, and get her started.