100BHP Maestro Camper Van

Current State: Scrapped
Current Power level: ~100BHP
Current Torque Level: ~200FtLb

Current mods:

EngineBrakes and Suspension
Boost upped to 23psi via actuator
Extensive pump tweaking
Ported Cylinder Head
Custom side exit single silencer exhaust
NoneBoost Gauge
6CD changer
Upgraded speakers
Campervan interior

Owners Comments:

My old and now sadly departed campervan. It was my first foray into diesel tuning and I used it as my daily runabout as well as for touring holidays. It clocked up nearly a quarter of a million miles with its fair share of problems, including many cambelts and headgaskets but that is another story. Originally it started off life as a NASP diesel which I then converted to a turbo diesel and then started tweaking it. As standard the engine had about 80bhp and I improved this a lot to about 100bhp. I never put it on the rolling road sadly but it did go very well and from a standing start would out accelerate my 127bhp rover 600 until about 40mph where its severe lack of aerodynamics came into play. I ported the cylinder head which I’ll try to find some pictures of. I couldn’t bear to be without my campervan so I bought another van to convert into a campervan and a tuned turbo diesel one at that! Stay tuned for some high power maestro diesel smoke (hopefully!).