Current State:
Current Power level: 135.3bhp @ 4000rpm
Current Torque Level: 235 flb @ 2200rpm

Current mods:

EngineBrakes and Suspension
NoneZS 180 disks
Rover 620Ti calipers
Blue print pads
Rear 240mm disk conversion
ZS 180 inner wing cold air feed
EGR bypassed
Powerflow front pipe
Rear twin exit system
Boost increased to 19psi
400 SD injectors

Owners comments:

Generally I have been modifying the car since I bought it, not just to increase the power but it imporve the drivability of the car, and to decrease fuel consumption. This has included fitting cruise control. Now on motorway runs crusing at 65mph I get an average of 61mpg. Overall I am getting just over 50mpg. I don’t use the power available very often, its there for overtaking safely. I have modified the body too fitting several parts from MK1 ZS180’s that I like. The latest round of modifications have been centered on pump life and putting up the power to what I considder reliable over the long term. I wanted 140bhp and no more than 225 flb torque, and Matt from Reidy Remaps has got very close to those figures according to the rolling road results. Planned future modifications include fitting a FMIC to gennerally improve combustion. fit ZS 180 262mm rear brakes. Fit recently acquired 17″ MG “straights” alloys. Fit a type B torsen diff to the gearbox with new metal caged bearings. Fit Honda/Rover hybrid hydraulic bleadable clutch.