Current State:Completed Project as of March 2010
Current Power level: 170bhp
Current Torque Level: 270lbs-ft

Current mods:

EngineBrakes and Suspension
Ported head with casting imperfections removed ARP head studs282 calipers and carriers from ZS180
K4.80 open cone fitted onto standard inlet
Stage 2 Hybrid Turbo (GT1549 housing with TD05 internals)
Custom Turbo Outlet pipe (Donny Diesel)FMIC with thermocouples in each end tank
Port matching on inlet manifold
Wingy Downpipe, Decat, midsection & Backbox
 Hybrid injectors based on SDI nozzles with ZS injector body Reidy Remap    
Steel caged differential bearings
Helix Cerametalic T16 grp N rally clutch & Cover plateUpgraded clutch hydraulics – custom system using rover600 master and slave cylinder with a modified mounting bracketQuaife ATB
EGR blanked and removed. EGT probe inserted into blanked EGR plate

Owners comments:

The car was bought from new with no plans for modifications when i was 22, after 4years of ownership i was starting to get bored and old enough to get get insurance when modifying.
I then tinkered with it and did the basics of induction and exhaust improvements and the bug bit.
After doing some research i decided to get my hands on a set of “wingy” spec injectors, but realised i needed to provide a platform that work in harmony with these and so did the prepwork to get the non engine side beefed up.

After a few years of development work, decided to stop using the wingy spec injectors and revert to a new hybrid injector no-one else had tried – This enabled me to make use of the other modifications to get good power\torque without the very high EGT’s and smoke the wingy injectors seems to provide me with. 

Green run in image below was due to ECU mapping to suit the previous injectors – red and blue were the corrected dyno runs with the fuelling sorted out.

Previous state 1
Current Power level: 124 (134)* @ 4100rpm
Current Torque Level: 192 (206)*@ 2400rpm

*values in stars are graph readings but are possibly generous based on unoffical results on a calibrated dyno for ZS’s
EngineBrakes and Suspension
None282 calipers and carriers from ZS180
Increased boost to 19psi
K4.80 open cone fitted onto standard inletCustom Turbo Outlet pipe (Donny Diesel)Wingy Downpipe, Decat, Backbox

Previous state 2

Car as it came out the factory un-molested with the factory 113PS ecu map