General Suspension

This is an extremely complicated subject so I’m not going to go into lots of detail on all the models, just list a few of of the potentially useful tid-bits I’ve picked up during the years. The rest is up to you.

200 mk3/25/zr

The fronts are essentially the same as the 200mk2/400mk1 and 2, and the rear is essentially the same as the much earlier maestro albeit with a slightly wider track.

The rear beam design changed at some point (possibly the 200/25 transition), the rear beam was stiffened so that it had the same effect as adding an anti-roll bar, i.e. the earlier ones had a seperate anti-roll bar on some models, whereas the later ones didn’t need one.

The streetwise has the same type of setup however the front lower arms are different as is the front anti-roll bar, the lower tie-bars and the suspension struts which give the higher ride height.

400 mk2/45

The fronts are essentially the same as the 200, the rear is the same design as the 200mk2/400mk1.

The large trailing arm bushes are a common failure point and are usually spotted by the MOT man, however if you get imprecise wandering when at speed then check these out first. Again these can benefit from replacing with polybushes. All the rear suspension is adjustable so take care when undoing stuff that you don’t lose the settings, and it’ll need resetting if you lower the car.

The 400/45 is the same as the civic of the same design so worth bearing in mind if you are looking for upgrades.


The 600 has the most sophisticated suspension of the range with double wishbone front and rear suspension, however it is set up for comfort rather than handling as you might expect with an executive car. The suspension is the same as the accord of the same model if you are looking for sporty upgrades.