Personal Experiences

What did I use?

Rover 620 Di:

Standard vented 262mm discs

Standard calipers

Apec standard pads

Conclusion: During very spirited driving I can just get them to start to fade but only if I really abuse them! Perfectly fine for everyday use.

Now fitted:

EBC plain vented 282mm discs

620ti calipers

EBC Ultimax pads

Conclusion: I can’t get them to fade with the power currently available (about 130bhp). A worthwhile upgrade if you need to change the discs anyway (they are a pig to change on the 600’s).

Rover 220 Turbo petrol

What did I use?

Grooved 262mm discs

OE callipers and pads

Conclusion: Inadequate for sprited driving. I regularly got them to fade without really trying, I’ve turned the discs blue on several occasions. Also rather noisy when braking hard.

What do I use now?

EBC plain vented 282mm discs

620ti calipers

EBC redstuff pads

Conclusion: A superb upgrade. I now find it very difficult to get the brakes to fade. I can get them to the point of smoking without any brake fade noticeable. Also an increased bite, i.e. the pedal effort is decreased to get the same braking force. Whilst this isn’t important to me, it now means that the missus can get the ABS to kick in when she brakes too hard, previously too much pedal effort was needed to lock up the wheels for her to manage.