Silicone Intercooler hoses

We all know that the original intercooler hoses fail regularly even at standard boost levels let alone on a tuned car.

These hoses are designed to last not like some of the originals!

They are made by Roose Motorsport on behalf of DonnyDiesel and if bought through him can be purchased at a discounted price.

1.They have three layers of polyester web layered into there walls opposed
to the single layer of the standards.
2.They are made of high grade quality silicon opposed to the rubberised
standard items.
3.They are flourosilicon lined to stop oil penetration unlike the standard
4.The hose coming from the turbo to the intercooler i.e. the ‘hot side’ is
also high temp lined to better deal with the heat and not be de gradated by
it over time.
5.They are also designed to withstand at least twice as much pressure of the
standard item and should never split and leak boost like the standard ones
can and do!
6.Final point to make you have choice of colour finish opposed to black,
black and black of the standard items!

Turbo hose reducer.

Rover 200/25/ZR


For Rover 600 intercooler top hoses check out here: