Run out of fuel

Tools needed

10mm socket and ratchet or similar

17mm spanner

Flatblade screwdriver


1. Put fuel in tank. If unlucky you may need to put 2 gallons in before it’ll run properly.

2. Loosen bleed screw on fuel filter – its on the top and has a hex and a flat head screwdriver slot in it

3. Pump priming bulb till bubble free fuel comes out of the fuel filter

4. Retighten the bleed screw up

5. Remove engine cover (10mm bolts)

6. Pump priming bulb till it goes hard

7. Loosen injector feed pipes at the injector end

8. Crank engine until fuel spurts from each loose injector union

9. Tighten up injector unions

10. Start car

11. Replace engine cover.

N.B. If it hasn’t badly run out of fuel then simply putting some fuel in the tank and cranking the engine for a long time can get it to go, but if the battery is not brilliant then I’d suggest the proper method above.