Alloy Catch Tank

With some people choosing to go a stage further than just blanking off EGR valve and wanting to remove all contaminants from the engine’s inlet setup then this is what you need an oil catch tank that actually works rather than just looking the part!

If you have ever bought a catch tank before and investigated how its made then you will know that atleast 90% of them out there are just simply an empty void in side with just an inlet in and out usually right next to each other and in my honest opinion are about as much use as a chocolate teapot as the hot oily vaporised gases just go straight in and out resulting in the breather filter getting clogged up an oily emulsion and dripping all over the place and generally making a mess of the engine bay and the catch tank remaining pretty empty!

So to address the above problems I’ve modified and improved the design some what to produce this.

It has a central baffle plate to make the gases actually travel round the tank and is filled with coarse wire wool to help the oil vapour condense back and gather in the bottom of the tank where you can drain it periodically through the drain plug in the lower corner.

It comes complete with the breather filter and a 1m length of rubber hose and jubilee clips required to fit it. This particular one was made to suit fitment in a 400/45/ZS but can have the inlet and outlet positions adjusted to suit other applications on either a 200/25/ZR,600 or 75/ZT.