145BHP Rover 200SD

Current State: Scrapped
Current Power level: 145BHP
Current Torque Level: 200FtLb

EngineBrakes and Suspension
Stage 1 Hybrid Turbo
Boost upped to 26psi via actuator
Extensive pump tweaking
Freeflow Backbox
Larger Injector Nozzles
Intercooler fitted
Stainless turbo outlet pipe
262mm Front Vented and Grooved Discs
NoneBoost Gauge

Owners comments:

Lovely car to drive, t’was a bit smokey though! Bought it to replace my unruly little diesel 106 when it started making funny noises (before the days of tweaking, or even checking the levels!). Being a tad into mechanics I did research on the vehicle and engine, and ended up having a ride in a tuned up version, which instantly got me hooked on the idea of tuning.

Torque was never accurately measured due to a slipping clutch, though is a minimum of 200lbft, and on a gentle dyno run pulled 145bhp at well lane turbo centre, west yorkshire.

The vehicles demise, might possibly have been a mistake to be frank. The radiator developed a fault shortly before (minutes) it’s MOT, and the tester found signs of oil leaving the block and a lot of pressure was placed on me to scrap it. This was done in an eventful fashion which involved a forklift truck and a hedge, and the few enthusiastic gypsies it fed for the coming months. (They love their scrap).