200/400/600 Fault Codes

To check fault codes on the early L series

1.Ignition off.
2.On your diagnostic plug bridge terminals 4 and 15 with a piece of wire.
3.Switch ignition on.DONT START ENGINE.
4.Count the number of flashes that appear on your instrument panel.
5.Long flashes are the tens of the code.
6.Short flashes are the units of the code.
7.A short pause separates each flash.
8.A long pause separates each code.(You will notice this when it happens)
9.When finished switch off ignition and remove your bridge wire.

The diagnostics socket is located under the dash near the steering wheel on the drivers side.

These are the codes which correspond with the flashes.

12.start of diagnosis.
14.engine coolant temp sensor-low voltage
15.engine coolant temp sensor-high voltage
16.fuel temp sensor-low voltage
17.fuel temp sensor high voltage
19.crankshaft position sensor.
21.accelerator pedal position-high voltage
22.accelerator pedal positiion-low voltage
23.accelerator pedal position plausibly
24.vehicle speed sensor plausibly.
27.mass airflow sensor-low voltage.
28.mass airflow sensor-high voltage.
29.mass airflow sensor plausibly.
31.crankshaft position sensor no signal
33.EGR valve.
34.fuel injection timing solenoid.
37.brake pedal position switch plausibly.
39.alarm system defective.
41.MAP sensor-low voltage.
42.MAP sensor-high voltage.
43.MAP sensor plausibly.
48.battery low voltage.
54.fuel shut off solenoid.
61.Fuel quantity adjuster position sensor plausibly.
62.same again
64.fuel quantity adjuster.
71.air intake temp sensor-low voltage.
72.air intake temp sensor-high voltage.
81.injector needle lift sensor no signal.
82.injector needle lift sensor plausibly.