200/400/600 Intercooled Common Faults

Symptom: Poor performance, possible hissing noise
Cause: Split intercooler hose

Symptom: Very poor performance feels like no turbo present
Cause: Air line from turbo to MAP sensor disconnected or split

Symptom: Engine performance seems to hold back at full throttle
Causes: Boost cut – ECU reduces the fueling significantly if boost exceeds 19psi for more than a second or two. Reduce boost level and check that pipe from turbo to actuator isn’t leaking.

Symptom: Poor cold starting
Causes: Faulty glow plugs, Faulty glow plug relay, Incorrect fuel pump timing, Air leak in fuel system.

Symptom: Rough running, engine management light illuminated
Causes: Wire to number 1 injector chafed, wires to fuel pump chafed, Blocked fuel filter

Symptom: Diesel leaking or smell from front of engine
Causes: Split/broken/disconnected fuel spill pipes from the injector to the pump

Symptom: No Start following a jump start or removal of battery, possible random display on dash dials.
Cause: ECU very prone to voltage spikes. See page on how to fix it cheaply.