138BHP Rover 200SD

Current State:
Current Power level: 138.4  @ 3365 rpm
Current Torque Level: 240 @ 2278 rpm (Approx.)

Current mods:

EngineBrakes and Suspension
StandardZR Struts
X-power Springs
262mm Vented
SDI intercooler
Actuator adjusted to 19psi
Pipercross Universal Cone Filter
Removed MAF
Janspeed Back box
Wingy EGR Blanking Kit Donny Turbo Outlet
Extensive Inlet Manifold Cleaning
Pump adjustments
Standard Clutch and Gearbox
Boost Gauge

Owner’s comments:

Leaving the factory this Rover 200 SD would have had 84bhp. An eBay purchase for a cheap run around I owned it 7 months before I fell into the trap of a tweak here and a tweak there because it was feeling very tired. However, I said to myself I would not spend as much money as I have done in the past on previous cars making it pristine. That’s not what I was after – just cheap and cheerful fun with an element of reliability. The car is comfortable, practical and economical and yet has the ability to put a smile on my face. After all that it has had a number of visual formats with various decals and wheels but all done on a shoe string.  

So after a tweak here and there the Rolling Road results from WGT indicates that it is running 138.5bhp and approx 240Ibft torque on the standard turbo and clutch (It is acknowledged that any further modifications would need both upgrading). I am convinced I can break the 140bhp mark but to be honest the drivability would be sacrificed and that simply is not good for me or the car.