127BHP Rover 600

Current State:
Current Power level: 127BHP
Current Torque Level: 195FtLb


Current mods:

Engine Brakes and Suspension
Boost upped to 19psi via actuator
Free flow exhaust backbox
282mm front discs and callipers
Drivetrain  Other
New Valeo clutch at ~200k miles!Boost Gauge
6CD changer
Upgraded speakers (Inifinity Reference)

Owners comments:

Its my everyday mile munching car so has to be reliable and comfy hence the lack of suspension mods and huge power upgrades. (I’ve got a petrol turbo as a fun car!) It is often driven hard but also is used as a tow car and so I’ve fitted the larger brakes to it to make sure I can stop the barge. Its currently on 204k miles so it is starting to show its age a little but you can’t blame it!

The car is by no means a very high power one but it gives you an idea of what can be done for little money and still retain reliability and improved drivability.

Think of it as Stage 1 tuning for a 2/4/600 if you wish.