178BHP Rover 25

Current State:
Current Power level: 178 @ 3455
Current Torque Level: 312 @ 2692

Current mods:

EngineBrakes and Suspension

gt2256 vnt turbo
282 mm front discs
EBC Ultimo Grooved Discs
EBCRedstuff pads
Braided Hoses
KW2 Coilovers with adjustable top mounts
Poly Bushings
Toyo T1-r tyres
Large K&N filter
Front Mounted Intercooler
Oil Catch Tank
Blitz Boost Controller
Full Wingy Exhaust SystemCustom manifolds
Wingy Injectors
Kevlar Clutch
Torsen Type B Limited Slip Differential
Selected Steel Caged BearingsFreelander final drive
Custom centre dash
Greedy turbo timer
Quickshift gear stick

Owner’s comments:

Currently the most power l series in the UK, and maybe in the world. First bought the car as a rover 25 101 td. Over 4-5 years the car has completely changed mechanically and physically. At the start there wasnt many people involved in tuning and moving the l series forward. Then dave (wingy) came along and started to provide products, and doing alot of research into the engine. Then more people became involved, and through the forum, tuning evolved.

Firstly i was happy with adding air improvements, air filters, front mount intercooler, and decat. This was a good start, but i wanted more. I then messed about with injectors, trying different combinations and different boost controllers, etc. The big turning point is when i finally saved up and got all the parts sorted. This was a massive day for me, and included mk1 turbo, upgraded gearbox and wingy downpipe. When i got the car back it was transformed. Ater some running in and few other tweaks i then took it to a local remapper to see what he could do with it. As no one over in northern ireland had really got experience with these cars, i didnt gain much from the map. Standard it was running 155bhp/255ft/lb, and remapped it was 164bhp/267ft/lb. At this stage the car was very quick, abit smokey due to some leakage problems but was a real step forward for the car. After this i decided other things had to be improved, so brakes, suspension and tyres had to be done. This was done, and the car felt alot safer and more responsive. Then the rest of wingy exhaust system was added, and a mk2 hybrid turbo. With a return to the dyno reveiled wat i had thought from driving the car, the torque had sky rocketed. 170bhp/295ft/lb was the figure, and the car was very quick. I then contacted matt (pocketbike) with regards moving the car forward on the mapping side. We then meet at the cosford meet, and after 5-6 runs up the road, the car was done. On full boost the car was very quick, and had very little smoke. When i got home, i went straight back to the dyno, were the final figure was got 178bhp/312ft/lb.

But then the problems started, water problems, drive shaft problems, and general smoking and poor performance. The car was returned to std map, and injectors fixed. So the opportunity came that i could take it off the road for a overhaul, so thats were it is at the moment. Im hoping to have it back on the road, as a half road/track car, close to 200bhp, and maxing out clutch and turbo. I think this will be the limit for the car, will be very drivable and enjoyable.


To everyone on the mg-rover forum, that has given advice or guidance.

Mark (donny diesel)

Matt Reidy (pocketbike)

Dave Lyon (wingy)

And ongoing members helping me