awd rover 220sdi

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awd rover 220sdi

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Right I have a rover 220sdi that I'm going to attempt converting to awd. I have got my self a freelander 2.0l di with a l series non intercooled engine. Has anyone ever tried this conversion before? Wat would be the best way to do this? Eg cut the floor in the rover and make a tunnel or try to mount the rover body onto the freelander floor and so on. Any help is welcome
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Re: awd rover 220sdi

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This is a LOT of work. Do not underestimate it!

The freelander will have the Di engine as standard. The 220 can have either the intercooled engine (Di) or the non intercooled one (D).

You'll have to modify the rover floor to fit the transfer box and the propshaft. The rear axle will be quite a lot of work too.
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