odd electrics

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odd electrics

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Over the last few weeks the car, R45 diesel 4 door has been showing a few electrical issues.

1, there is engine noise coming through the stereo, like you used to get in petrol cars, I didn't know diesels did that so im wondering why its doing it and if its a sign of a problem? and if the following problems could be related

2, the boot lid open light on the dash glows dimly and sometimes flickers although boot is shut and the interior light fuse has blown twice. I also used this fuse to run extra led interior lights for kick spaces, I have now pulled this wire out incase the wireing is the issue.

3, last night I noticed the indicators only flash when unlocking the car, this maybe because that fuse has blown?
just replaced interior light fuse and now they flash when locking.

I want to check the switch that operates the interior light in the boot but I cant find it, is it in the boot lid release catch? I see some wires in there.
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Re: odd electrics

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Yes boot light is worked via the boot lock mechanism. I'd look for wire chafing in the boot hinge area (REALLY common the 200/25/ZR).
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