Rover 600 air leak ?

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Rover 600 air leak ?

Post by DaiWales »

Quoting Dan: "Symptom: Poor cold starting. Improves if priming bulb is pumped till it goes hard before attempting to start
Cause: Air leak into fuel system - common areas are pipes to and from fuel filter and the priming bulb itself.

This is EXACTLY what my lovely '98 600 has. If I don't pump the bulb when the car has been left for a few hours/ overnight, it will take quite a few minutes of cranking, then the hesitant starting is accompanied by a nice cloud of white diesel smoke. The garage people I use will recheck the pipes and bulb tomorrow;(I have no facilities for working on my pride and joy where I live) There is no sign of any FUEL LEAK.

Question; is there a one-way valve somewhere please ? (In the bulb ?)

BTW, though there's no leak, the bulb never goes really ROCK hard; not like that on a Land Rover I remember some years ago. Any ideas gratefully received. Dai

(Apart from this , she is running like a DREAM at 187k miles )
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Re: Rover 600 air leak ?

Post by E_T_V »

There are two one way valves inside the priming bulb.

Simply replace it with a new one if it is suspect.

Also check the hose connections on the fuel filter and that the fuel bleed screw on the filter is tight.

You've got a way to catch up with my 600. 278k miles and counting :)
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Re: Rover 600 air leak ?

Post by Lesesne »

Are air leaks common in the 600 model? I'm suspecting there could be one on mine too, but I've not been able to confirm it yet.
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