Rover 600 silicone intercooler top pipe

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Rover 600 silicone intercooler top pipe

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I'm sure people are fed up with their top hoses splitting on the 600's and currently there is no alternative to the standard ones from Mg-rover which cost about £40. Well after splitting my 3rd one I got fed up and I decided to make my own silicone one.

You'll need:
1 x 57mm 90 deg angle hose (150mm legs) (sourced from mrsilicone on e-bay)
1 x 57mm 45 deg angle hose (as above)
1 x 57mm aluminium hose joiner (as above)
4 x hose clamps 50-70mm
Sharp knife for trimming hoses
Screwdriver or small socket, usually 6 or 7mm for tightening hose clamps
10mm socket for removing engine cover

To do the job:
Remove the engine cover (3x 10mm bolts on the top)
Remove the old hose undoing hose clips
Fit the 90deg hose to the engine and the alloy hose joiner to the end of this.
Measure how much if any the hose needs trimming at the engine end and trim as necessary. (I removed about 10mm)
Fit the 45 deg hose to the end of the hose joiner
Measure how much needs to be trimmed off (quite a bit!), and trim to fit.
Slide on all 4 hose clips
Fit the hose to the intercooler to complete the hose
Tighten all the hose clips taking care to avoid the clips rubbing on any coolant pipes
Replace engine cover and gently tighten the fixing bolts (they are prone to stripping so don't overdo it)
Job done!
Hopefully it'll look something like this:
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